Cut Rugs - New

Strange black magic can be felt seeping through the speaker cones once New starts to crank. Communications begin traveling back and forth beyond the veil carried on the medium of gnarly bass synthesizers and knock-out drum programming.

This three-track release finds the Carolina-based producer focusing on highly-cultivated sound design. He pulls on threads from neuro and hip-hop to dubstep, but ultimately offers simple screwface music that generates a raw, physical impact and spares no time for pleasantries. The arrangements are straightforward and dense with groove while the sound design swings back and forth with the grace and controlled disorientation of a trapeze troupe.

As the boundaries around underground sound continue to disappear, tinkerers like Cut Rugs aka Kyle Partin with his mad scientist mentality will continue to poke wormholes in the continuum of what’s trending. By flipping the familiar into an attractive new form of heaviness, New provokes an intellectual repose for the soundheads, and a high-voltage jolt for the dancefloor denizens.