Gaddy - Mixtape Mentality

A kick, snare and killer bassline is all Gaddy needs to get the bodies moving. The young man from Austin, Texas by way of Houston knows these fundamental musical elements like the back of his hand. On Mixtape Mentality a seven-track release that straddles the line between EP and LP, they serve as the foundation for experiments in groove. The common denominator is a steady head nod, and the rest is up for interpretation.

Many musicians blur the line between what is and isn’t electronic music. Gaddy was unaware the line existed. As a musician, he’s rooted in archetypal American sounds like hip-hop, rock, and soul. Instrumental samples from guitar and keys are leveraged as much as synthesizers or sound design. Both are given enough space on Mixtape Mentality to mingle and form strong bonds with one another. Tastefully tuned sub-bass generates enough weight to flex sound systems and ignite dance floors. At the same time, elusive pads and smoke-filled arrangements create a relaxing swing to keep the atmosphere activated after the party’s over.

Gaddy’s released a string of EPs and singles before with labels relevant to the underground electronic sound. But now there’s no more messing about. His creative energy is focused singularly on expanding the groove. He’s in a mixtape mentality and everything is fair game as long as it starts with a sidewalk-stomping beat.