Rusted Rhythms Vol. 32 - k dnt

High-fidelity, meticulously processed synthesis has become an undeniable staple of underground electronic music. Modern producers and DJ’s stretch this new wave of tone and texture across genres and tempos, bridging the gap between various musical ideas with vibrant, powerful sound design, Based out of Austin, Texas, K-dnt is the rhythmic machination of Phillip Anthony. As the owner and operator of the Saeiound music label, his first and foremost priority is the propagation of high-fidelity music, and he uses K-dnt as a platform to share his own particular musical vision. With an evidently potent ear for melody and harmony, this Rusted Rhythm is presented with buttery smooth mixing and resolution, exploring far-out musical modes between 80 and 98 bpm. The tracklist brings together the sounds of producers from across the talent spectrum, featuring cuts from heavy hitters like Detox Unit and Frequent, as well as the output of The Rust Music artists and friends like 5AM, Mindex, and Thought Process. Over the course of an hour, each track blends into the total experience with excellent precision, creating a journey that flows throughout the current forefront of experimental bass music. For lovers and seekers of extreme audio manipulation and tight, downbeat rhythms, Rusted Rhythm Vol. 32 will surely satisfy your aural needs and curiosities.

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planet4 - City Breath
Ivan Shopov & Avigeya - Traka Tren (Ion Driver remix)
Audiovoid - Schedule One
Ivan Shopov & Avigeya - Kanatitsa (Yunis remix)
potions - Grapefruit
RefraQ - Semantics
Canopy - Sonar
Arakhronae - Baellerina
Frequent - DEILO
ÆTERNA - Shoulder of Orion
Mindex - Cluster Overload
Dusty Fungus - Surreal Futurist (YAKOV remix)
Kimyan Law - Copperclock
Chee - Cringe
Canopy - Lyre
Detox Unit - Obscure
The Disciple Grin - Trading Thoughts
Thought Process - Dead End Street
Mindex & 5AM - Visceral
Digital Rust - Boondoggle
EVAC - Source (EVAC remix)
Maurizio Chiaro - NKD