Rusted Rhythms Vol. 12 - Freud

As the founder of Portugal-based digital label Substruct, Freud is well acquainted with delicately gorgeous music. This edition of Rusted Rhythms features a 45-minute excavation into the depths of ethereal bass music. Freud's collection of tunes touches upon lo-fi hip-hop, garage, and some delightfully jazzy dubstep. A bittersweet assemblage of cavernous soundscapes, the mix evokes feelings of tranquility, introspection and nostalgia, in the finest way possible. Perfect for a lonely Sunday or a walk through the winter snow. We hope you enjoy, and stay chooned for more from Freud.

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Harris Cole - Goodbye
Hm Surf - I Flunked This Semester
Matas & Edo Lee - Frost Feat. Sara Ronson
Ian Ewing - Noh Life
vbnd - We Go On Infinitely
Un, deux, abattoir - Got the goings off coming on
Ødyssee - k o f f i e
Dusty - Haze
Tennyson - 7AM
Jafu - Gettin’ Low
B9 & Dillard - Len
CIrcula - Dizzy
Khromi - Horizons
Hitman - Listen Dis
Mercy - Breadcrumb
Raw Flakes - Amazonia
Fanso - Espuma
Harris Cole & Ian Ewing - Mistakes/Regret/Forgivness