Seppa - I Take It Back [Single]

2019 has barely started, and Wonk#ay Records is a step ahead of the release game; sauntering freshly out of the labs and directly into your ears, Seppa has cooked up an especially juicy wagyu of a single with the track “I Take It Back”. Ever the fan of slapstick hip-hop rhythms and razor-edged waveforms, the slug overlord continues reshape production paradigms to suit his needs and absolutely shred your speaker cones.

With classic flair, the track opens up with granular synthesis slinking it's way around the stereo space, and altogether dropping into a salacious broken beat. Hit the 45-second mark, and all the juice comes pouring into the mix via positively reckless resampling and deranged audio processing. Textures ranging from metallic to markedly alien thrash against one another in a grinding, syncopated dance of skewed frequencies and modulation. Beefy bass lines are most definitely business-as-usual for the Wonk#ay roster, but there's no denying that Seppa has more than a penchant for the post-production magic that breathes life into the low-end and beyond. For a track that is entirely synthetic in it's composition, there is a tangible biology to this single that is as viscous as it's slimy progenitor.

In preparation for what is surely an incoming season of non-stop slugification, the bass Scion of our musical corner is clearly developing a new slew of secret sauces for fans throughout the neuro empire. Seppa continues to be a stalwart production powerhouse with an insatiable desire for sonic exploration and innovation, and the results of his audio-alchemical research are a constantly rising bar that many of his contemporaries strive to reach. If you don't already know by now, keep all senses open and focused on our friends from Gastropodia Prime, as the invasion is already well under way.

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