Lo-Fi Sundays 059 - KLIM

KLIM aka KLIM Beats has a knack for sampling soul music. He’ll peel off a precious woodwind or brass arrangement from some long forgotten 45 and use it as the foundation for a bright new beat. With finely-tuned production and chops that stand out from the pack, and a recurring 1970s feel from the sampled material, KLIM beats are like a soundtrack for a trip back to the future.

The producer, whose name is Dmitry Klimchuk, hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and is a mainstay with NINETOFIVE Worldwide Beatmakers. He appears to perform frequently in his native country, with one flyer billing his performance as “Trip-Hop / Abstract Hip-Hop / Downtempo / Scratching”. His catalog runs over 25 albums deep and reaches all the way back to 2010. Upon revisiting those first EPs and tapes, one realizes how astoundingly consistent KLIM is. To be sure, his current output is greatly refined from a production standpoint and more thoroughly developed from a songwriting standpoint. His first cuts, though, offer the same smooth style and squeaky clean presentation we hear today.

Crafty with the stereo spread and space in his music, KLIM often composes tripped out, galactic atmospheres in addition to bursting, soulful knocks. Tickling synthesizers that may or may not be sampled give a light, mechanical touch to beats that are otherwise exceptionally organic. We recommend listening in full to his September 2018 album Soul Searching. The cover art is an abstract cartoon of a hand flipping - searching - through a stack of vinyl. Perhaps searching for the perfect sound and searching through one’s soul are the same exercise for Dmitry.

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