Maynix - Trumours

After quietly pushing tunes through a series of boutique labels and outlets for three years, the shadowy producer Maynix shares the breathtaking full-length debut Trumours. The compositional risks are so bold and the sound design so potent that Trumours easily matches up against some of the brightest releases of 2019. Appropriately, it comes courtesy of Open Outlets, the label owned and operated by the UK heavyweight Culprate

Open Outlets is a home for eclectic music, including works from Leon Ross, Orbin, Poztman, and beyond, plus a remix from Maynix himself on Chimera’s Chapters EP. Fans may also remember Maynix’s collaboration with Cut Rugs on the latter’s New release on The Rust Music. Given the utter quality of Trumours, it’s no wonder this debut has ended up in the hands of top-tier content curator like Culprate.

Trumours is a broken-beat paradise. Over the course of nine full tracks and three interludes, Maynix swings through a variety of rhythms while staying focused on a neurological blend of jazz and brutal synthesis. Each song is a full on composition that builds and resolves through blistering bass lines and melodious breakdowns, ebbing back and forth between heavy and buoyant sounds. Beyond just the specific tones, it’s artistic risk that makes Trumours so remarkable.

The track “My Mind Is Shocked” personifies this malleable sort of songwriting. Haunting jazz chords and a single guitar slide remain constant among a cascade of percussion and audio artifacts. Come the halfway point, everything in the stereo mix melts out of phase until it all miraculously smashes back into an entirely fresh arrangement. “Dotted” takes breaking the beat to next level with cuts that seem to burst through saturated webs to reach the surface of the mix. Drum fills and turnarounds rain from the top of the stereo space to the bottom between pulses of raucous low-end and meandering guitar strings. 

Holding the attention of electronic music consumers (or anyone) in today’s global market is a daunting task from any angle. Songs, mixes, and collections come and go in and out of rotation at light speed and it’s challenging to stand out. Maynix goes well beyond standing out. The sonic landscape on Trumours will resonate with all fans of eccentric music. With a meticulous eye for detail and a Midas touch for production and songwriting, Maynix has delivered an album in a league of its own.

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