Lo-Fi Sundays 055 - AJMW

Hailing from across the  across the pond in West London, musician and producer Ashley Warden concocts groove-blending lofi and fireplace beats under the moniker AJMW. Without fanfare and shiny post-production, Warden breathes life into smooth and dynamic arrangements that respond with organic points of tension and release.

The musical notations and stylistic approaches vary from track to track with AJMW. His classic head-nodders, like “Content”, feature rustic jazz arpeggios and smokey, hypnotic percussion. Other productions take a vivacious uptempo route, such as in “Play It Out”, a collaborative track with NY-SEA and tomppabeats. Regardless of the tempo and creative direction, every composition in the AJMW catalog hosts a delicious palette of variable textured and instrumental flurries.

Warden has had his music featured twice through Chillhop's seasonal compilation release, most recently in the fall of 2018, and the summer 2017 prior. Already two for two with one of the foremost beat-centric labels in the current musical landscape, it can be surmised that AJMW is poised to breakout across other familiar hip-hop platforms in tandem. As with every sleepy Sunday, rest those weary eyes while Ashley Warden soothes your soul with a beatific serenade.

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