Lo-Fi Sundays 054 - delt

One of the draws of lo-fi hip hop is its consistency. It’s so easy to sink deeply into a groove when the tunes roll over, one after another, kick after snare after kick after snare with atmospheres that shift but never too far from a focal vibe. Bumping out of Spokane, Washington, the producer delt is a paragon of consistency, and the result is a smooth sensation for listeners.

delt offers lilting jazz beats and boom-bap fare, mostly. The tunes are simple yet profound collages of piano, drums, bass, and vocal samples, with the occasional woodwind, brass instrument, or acoustic guitar. There is one cut, at the end of a tape called “Throwaways”, that makes excellent use of a harmonica sample. That’s not something we hear too often. They’re particularly talented with the piano sampling, though, snipping just the right melody, pitching it down or adding tape delay, and letting it rock.

The producer has had tracks featured on compilations from the equally consistent imprint radio.wavs. Given delt’s consistency and knack for producing a quintessential lo-fi jazz beats, hopefully their music appears on more labels and compilations in the future. Zone out to some tunes and your mind will wander to delightful places. Focus in on one, and you may find strong emotions well up within yourself.

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