Lo-Fi Sundays 086 - beatmaschine

There’s a thriving beats culture in Germany. We’ve covered several German producers including Lunchbag, Leavv and Senoy. The best record of the country’s prowess on the 1’s and 2’s comes from Millenium Jazz Music’s On The Radar Vol 2 - Made in Germany. But we haven’t found a German producer who captures the “golden era” boom-bap sound of hip-hop so well until stumbling across beatmaschine, who represents labels called Krupplyn and Papier & Bliestift from Dortmund.

The producer aligns his straightforward samples with some kicking drums and lets it all ride. The end result is beautiful - smooth, lush compositions that still maintain a sharp edge. The interplay between the resonant piano samples and the demanding bop drums creates a deep, rich musical space. His beats are perfect for freestyling, or kicking back and praying that your buddy doesn’t start freestyling. There’s a pretty robust emotional palette in the music even without vocals, although the producer does use some extensive vocal sampling on tracks like “Proof” and "“My Love”.

For a straightforward beat head, especially one who doesn’t care for some of the more processed and voguing lo-fi sounds, it doesn’t get any better than this. Well, that is, until the producer himself gets better. Perhaps beatsmachine will continue to refine his drums and bring more of their subtle details to the surface. It seems he has the instrumental sampling thing nailed for now. Ultimately, this producer has the formula down pat - now the sky is the limit for how he uses it.

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