Lo-Fi Sundays 085 - S-ilo

Bringing a warm, soulful spin on traditional lo-fi and hip-hop flavors, S-ilo is a production powerhouse from Malmö, Sweden. His music has an unmistakable connection to R&B, utilizing smooth harmonies and groovy bass lines in abundance. He’s got a massive assortment of tunes to sift through, and manages to maintain a unique quality to each production. The moods range from sensual to mischievous, but always with the recognizable touch of S-ilo.

Hand-crafted breaks and turnarounds are a front and center for every S-ilo track, and are often mixed to a markedly high fidelity. The bright, transient punch of his downbeats contrast wonderfully with the dreamy, airy choice of samples often present in each arrangement. His music feels like it has direction and motive; the moods and chords elaborate, evolve, and emulsify themselves amidst the background noise of crowded city crosswalks and the conversations of passerby’s hurrying along. His habit for germinating his compositions with sparse, effective bass lines gives his catalog a lofty stereo presence, often in contrast with much of contemporary lo-fi music. It adds to the refreshing taste his catalog leaves on the palette, with each listening session feeling like a full audio meal.

S-ilo rightfully comes off as an extremely diversified musician and producer. He’s released over 140 tracks in just the last two years. Eschewing the “quality over quantity” adage, his music channels power through simplicity. It’s not always about how many sounds fit into the mix It’s how they’re fleshed out that makes the difference.

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