Lo-Fi Sundays 084 - Prgmat

One of the more talented producers working in the somewhat strict, traditional lo-fi style is Prgmat from Riga, Latvia. His music is often one giant wash of ambient pads, steered by muffled drums, and punctuated by discreet, well-cut samples. It’s some of the music one would put in a time capsule in order to show someone 500 years from now what lo-fi hip-hop in 2019 sounds like.

This is especially true of his new project, Sentiment LP: The Postscriptum. This 21-track project on Kick a Dope Verse! is a great representation of the producer’s work. Buoyant tunes like “You Are Appreciated” and “hvn blvd” create lovely, open headspaces. When media or labels focus on instrumental hip-hop as “music to study / chill to”, it’s sort of unfair because it characterizes the art as background music - something that shouldn’t be enjoyed to for its own sake but only as the accompaniment to something else. Of course, it’s so much more than that But Prgmat’s music works great in the background or the foreground. There’s more than enough substance to hold your attention for a dedicated listening session, but it’s all smooth and consistent enough to work great as the soundtrack to some other activity.

He’s been featured on compilations from labels around the world including Insert Tapes, Dust Collectors, and Kick a Dope Verse! who he seems to work most frequently with. "Propose to my Drum Machine”, the producer’s contribution to Inner Ocean Records’ Futures Vol. 4 is one of our favorite pieces of work from him. It has an inspirational undertone, and if someone could loop it for an hour straight like those homework edits on Youtube, we’d listen all day.

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