Lo-Fi Sundays 083 - outcrowd.

Hip-hop and Detroit have a visceral history between each other, and the indelible impact the city had on its formative homegrown artists and creators continues to flow through modern veins. outcrowd. is an upstart Detroit beatsmith who’s been knocking breaks and warping samples for the last 5 years and running. His flavor is particularly smooth, taking inspiration from a handful of buttery genres to complete each musical concoction.

The meat of outcrowd’s output is filled with healthy slices of soul and vinyl grain. The stop-and-go, sampler-heavy touch to his arrangements breathes life into his discography, giving his music a flow like non-newtonian fluid. Staying firmly within his genre lines, all of his tracks feature a thick coat of dust and attitude, giving his music the aural aesthetic of a true polaroid. He’s released six beattapes to date, with all stylistically true to the outcrowd. blend of sultry and somber.

With a few dozen tracks and six beattapes released to date, outcrowd. has curated a collection of devilishly pocketed lo-fi tunes. He appears to have a steady release cycle of a month-by-month basis with no signs of slowing down. We’re going to be keeping close tabs on his progress, and we highly encourage you to do the same.

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