Lo-Fi Sundays 081 - DLJ

Hailing from Toulouse, France, DLJ has spent the last two years producing a steady stream of top tier lo-fi content. A standout member of Retro Jungle Records, DLJ is a constant practitioner of musical cleanliness. His tunes are full of life and specificity, giving his catalog an approachable, well-rounded veneer.

Using simplicity as an attitude, DLJ’s discography focuses on strong arrangements and stronger chord phrases. It’s the unmistakable motif of smokey cafes and autumn afternoons combined with full-bodied compositions, with each of his tracks being just as moving as the next. Songs like “Take me with you” embody a slow, successive build of emotion over the course of each measure, melding sultry saxophone lines with fanciful piano phrases. Other tracks, such as in the vein of “Bright”, are strictly keys and percussion, the classic pairing of ingredients that lo-fi junkies are so fond of. No matter where you turn throughout his releases, the chances of stumbling onto your perfect daytime anthem stands near 100%.

With over a dozen varied releases under his belt, DLJ is forging himself into a one-stop shop for all things lo-fi, traversing a plethora of tempos, keys, and imagery. His release cycle is steady, with at least a new single appearing just about every month, marking DLJ as a veritable production powerhouse. While we’re gushing over his available collection of tunes, it’s only a matter of time before his next batch of summer day sonatas reaches the public sphere.

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