Lo-Fi Sundays 080 - Beasty P

Our next edition of Lo-Fi Sundays brings us to the city of Minsk, Belarus. Beasty P is a European beats producer who runs with the internationally acclaimed NINETOFIVE Worldwide Beatmakers record label. He’s packing a stereophonic quality to his dusty tunes that is in short supply in the lo-fi world, and has a clear skillset for flipping breaks and samples.

Keeping things in the rhythmic pocket is the cornerstone of each Beasty P production. His tracks display their strong source material proudly, going for a “less is more” approach to remixing and sampling. The result is a strong compositional framework for each unique tune in the Beasty P catalog, giving the whole collecton a remarkable aural consistency. Tracks like “she’s a different” and “where is da jumpin’” utilize the vocal material from their respective source tracks to full effect, merging classic anthems with salient textures and wide percussive samples. Conversely, his latest album Zenith is mostly devoid of vocal material, instead opting for the intercrossed melodies and harmonies to tell their stories. No matter which format his music takes on, Beasty P has an undeniable touch for emotive songwriting and production that sets his music apart from many of his contemporaries.

Beasty P’s catalog stretches across more than 40 tracks, released both independently and through NINETOFIVE. His sampling mastery and creative approach to layering and mixing give his productions a shining finish that is often left out of the picture for Lo-Fi hip-hop. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this intuitive beat smith from now on, and high highly recommend that you do to.

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