Lo-Fi Sundays 078 - nick tesla

Channeling New York City's undeniable hip-hop legacy, nick tesla reinvents the relationship between sampled gold and head-nod rhythms. He has a fairly large catalog stretching back over five years, with a whopping seven album releases in the last two years alone. His style absorbs the melodic sensibilities of soul, jazz, blues, and disco wrapped up and delivered in a Lo-Fi veneer.

The hues and attitudes painted throughout his music conjure images of open-air high lines stretching throughout Brooklyn; a breeze throughout the train station, the faces of passing strangers, and the smells of the urban sprawl fill out the headspace. His command of melody and harmony shines through the sampled structure of nick tesla’s music, showcasing not just a talent for beat crafting, but a penchant for musical notation and arrangement. Keeping one hand rooted in sampling fundamentals, and the other rooted in songwriting and vibe management, he maintains a fundamental balance that separates him from many in the vast flock of Lo-Fi producers and junkies.

Combing through the discography of nick tesla is a week-long affair, featuring a variety of albums and singles stretching across the emotional spectrum. Throughout its entirety, there’s absolutely no denying the vivacious mood that he curates with seemingly the snap of a finger. Given his light-speed production work and fast-paced release style, it should be no time at all before nick tesla unveils even more material in the public realm.

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