Lo-Fi Sundays 064 - ColDrip

There’s nothing like a chunky, big-bodied hip-hop beat to make you sit up in your seat. ColDrip surprises us with his small cache of these slappers, which are counterbalanced with more thought-provoking, jazzy fair. His small catalog jumps around a few different sub-styles of lo-fi. It sounds like the assuredly talented producer is still finding his voice; seeing what’s hot, what’s cold, and what’s just right.

It’s easy to enjoy the fat stereo spread and twenty-pound compressed percussion in clips like “Littebitmore” and “Things Are Pretty Good”. Full compositions like “SidewalkJam” ft. rbi have more staying power, and not just because of their longer run time. The dynamic songwriting here demonstrate that the producer likely has more complex material to dive into. Most of that, in fact, is over on his Spotify account where three full LPs are available.

Based in Berlin, Germany, ColDrip’s music has been released by a cross section of labels including Dust Collectors, Brunch Collect, and the Syndey-based o-nei-ric Tapes, where his irreverent style sounds most at home. We recommend digging into a lo-fi feast on his Spotify page once you’re through this week’s curated playlist, then keep your eyes peeled for his next serious project.

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