Lo-Fi Sundays 060 - NometronN

Bringing a weighty vibe and a bright musical disposition out of Kiev, Ukraine, NometronN steals the spotlight for this edition of Lo-Fi Sundays. Replete with all the dust, shimmer, and smokey veneer of archetypal boom-bap, NometronN strikes a careful balance between composition and arrangement, slicing samples while following the established melodies already within said samples. Be it a dark noire, a blissful overture, or a straightforward, diced-up beat, this rhythm junky is the source for hip-hop mood potion.

NometronN takes two distinct compositional approaches on a track-to-track basis. Firstly, for productions featuring a heavy vocal element, there is notably less splicing done to the warped instrumental additions. The rhythms and melodies are concocted to follow the established vocal pattern, which is often noticeably bereft of manipulation. Taking his other pronounced compositional route, NometronN flexes his finest cuts where vocals are left out of the mix. Splicing in arpeggios and one-shots are mainstay habits of beats music, but he manages to finesse those modular pieces with a particular flourish.

With just over two dozen tracks in the public sphere, NometronN is a new name in the cypher. Clearly possessing an understanding of the Lo-Fi philosophy, he maintains a purity to his productions that is sometimes lost in the nuance of designing this amorphous genre of music. With a steady release cycle and a presumed freshness to his musical output, it can be surmised that NometronN is far from dishing out his last serving.

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