Lo-Fi Sundays 050 - Furozh

“…And I sound the way I feel.” Smooth and resonant words that producer and peacemaker Furozh seems to live by. Furozh beats carry with them the sound, swing and essence of the concrete jungle of New York City from which the producer hails. They also carry an inspiring and necessary message of peace, goodwill and uplift in between their breaks and sample-cut melodies.

The bulk of his beats are cut from the familiar dusty cloth of sample chopping. He also at times produces in a futuristic digital style, with tunes like “Night” and “Time Zones” featuring Obuxum as examples. Then these two styles collide, for example on a track like “Congo”, and the past becomes the future, and both become right now. Demonstrating his flexibility, Furozh also produces music like “Pharaoh’s Cadence”, another collaboration this time with haNN_11, that nails the vogueing saturated, tapefuzz sound. Collaboration is inherent for Furozh, and a handful of his albums are co-produced with other beatmakers.

The extent of the producer’s catalog is hardly captured on SoundCloud, from which we curate these playlists. He owns a deep, deep discography on Bandcamp dating back four years and bookended by his most recent Revolutionary Love LP. Furozh frequently performs his music in and around New York City. Most of the dates are announced on his Instagram if one was trying to catch a performance.

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