Lo-Fi Sundays 045 - G Mills

G Mills has been working hard lately, from an epic tune on the BLESS Vol. 2 compilation, to a short but sweet tape on Dust Collectors, and an upcoming gig in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY next weekend.

On the upbeat, G Mills’ music is a classic spin on the lo-fi sound, and on the downbeat it’s a diverse and experimental approach to the booms and claps. He’ll work with traditional fare like melancholic piano licks, but he’ll warp them with a unique touch. The consistent richness to his music may be its most noteworthy quality. His compositions fill up the stereo spread. The sample selection is robust, as G Mills leverages the full weight and potential of each sampled sound, even a split second glitch. The mixing and mastering is on point, so that even soft or ethereal songs like “Somber” or “forte” with flavors deliver a strong punch.

A mini-tape Quantize on Dust Collectors is “an experiment in texture” for the producer, and it slaps. The pencil-scratching noise on the tapes’ second tune is inventive, and the dog breathing in the background is hilarious, but also a fairly legitimate way to bolster the rhythm. The third tune, “Whirling Dervish”, employs a key sample so drastically filtered that it blurs the senses with synesthetic beauty. The listener can simultaneously feel it like a summer’s first sunburn, hear it like a high ripple, and see it like a shimmer of orange sunshine.

Next weekend, September 29 and 30, G Mills will be playing a set at Forgotten Youth Concept Store on Moore St. in Brooklyn sometime between 11-5pm. Catch the vibes if you can. We also have reason to believe the producer has a major project in the offing somewhere, so stay chooned.

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