Lo-Fi Sundays 044 - Saito

In light of the genre being rooted in a distinctly American musical flavor, lo-fi music is just as globally infectious as clean-cut hip-hop, and today we’re putting the spotlight on a choice character from the Italian peninsula. Saito is a groove machine in his own right, ripping through dozens of perky samples and delicious drum shots. He has six albums under his belt, each with double-digit track numbers, and most featuring a thorough collaborative effort between himself and a few other likeminded producers.

If it is indeed the ear that chooses the sample, then Saito’s ear is aimed directly at the heart of conventional soul music. The very first cut on his socials currently features a lovely flip of a track by The Supreme Jubilees, a once prolific American gospel group. Honing in on the particular tonal colors of full chords is a major strength for this producer, and is the bedrock feature of his discography. Running against the typical lo-fi motif of faded frequencies, the distinct sound to the Saito catalog is the brightness and clarity that exudes from his music. His emotive soundscapes take on a flavor that is a cut above melancholy, swaying the heart somewhere between nostalgia and smokey daydreams. Be it the budding vibrato of harmonized vocals, the bright snap of crystal clear hi-hats, or just the right twang of just the right string, the undeniable draw to his aural attitude means Saito is well on his way to being a three-star Michelin beat-chef.

Spread across several major streaming and distribution platforms, Saito’s music is fully available to anyone who happens to stumble across his musings. A member of the Japan-based BSC Crew, he has positioned himself to reach international audiences through the labels and collectives he chooses to associate with. His clear musical affluence is not only his most defining characteristic, but signals that the well is nowhere near tapped for this modern day bard of the beat.

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