DeeZ - Data Splatta [Premiere]

Leading left-field bass music producer DeeZ is set to self-release a new four-track EP called Data Splatta this Thursday, September 20. DeeZ aka Andy Widdecomb has earned a reputation over the years by continually refining a raw, speaker-splitting sound that stomps around between dubstep, psy, and hip-hop. Data Splatta finds DeeZ again honing in on these signature vibrations, though with more ferocity and abandon than ever before. Today, the producer offers the title track “Data Splatta” as a first taste of the full release.

Strange Matter, the most recent EP from DeeZ, was an experiment for the producer that drifted into downtempo and atypical uptempo arrangements. He doesn’t lose that unique, alien attitude on Data Splatta, but it’s not as startling this time around. DeeZ has aligned himself more with the experimental fringes of bass music in the past year. As such, beats so severely broken and run through with ambitious synthesis are no longer out of character for the producer.

“Data Splatta” displays the dominant sound across this EP - a package of bass so wide and expansive in the stereo spread that it commands attention. The moist but grainy texture of the synthesizers, stacked on top of sub bass, produce an aural representation of complex and valuable data that’s been corrupted. The drums are crisp as always. The percussive arrangements are simple but not shallow, allowing the melodic lines to take full control of the listener’s headspace. Once digested, these melodic lines, massive chunks of synthesis, will leave listeners with a full belly.

During our interview with DeeZ from Elements Lakewood Music & Arts Festival this summer, we touched on the producer’s tireless work ethic. It’s that extra studio time, those extra micro-edits, that attention to detail which brings forth these cutting-edge sound designs. If there’s one thing the EP could use more of, though, it’s swing. Perhaps one can learn through practice and hard work to swing the drums just right, though perhaps not. Data Splatta has a touch of swing, particularly on “Who The”, but a touch more would give DeeZ’s sound that irresistible primal movement that can get lost amidst more technical achievements.

Still, Data Splatta is one release not to skip over in the constant stream of new, innovative bass music. Few producers achieve the sheer girth of sound DeeZ can. Just ensure that you’re data is backed up before buying Data Splatta, as this filthy EP is liable to corrupt it.

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