Lo-Fi Sundays 041 - Soulchoppa

In practice, beats music is all about the chops. In theory, it's all about the soul. Enter Soulchoppa out of the southeastern United States. The young producer out of Georgia has just barely begun to rear his head on Soundcloud, but his beats already possess a touch of greatness. 

We were put on to Soulchoppa through the BLESS Vol. 2 compilation from Inner Ocean Records. The last tune on the massive release is Soulchoppa's "Sunset" and my, does it close the release with style. With this cut, the producer exemplifies a best practice of beats music; doing a lot with a little. The melodic line is just a simple series of notes played on one instrument, but it sits in the space between the drums just right. The listener can get up inside of each note on a meditative trip. 

The producer has one EP, one LP, one collaborative tape, and a couple singles on his Soundcloud. His extended single "Astral Projection" is especially captivating, again inviting the listener into a meditative, almost trance-like headspace. The collaborative tape with the New York City-based producer stxn_n has a few of those moments on it as well. This strong release comes courtesy of Dust Collectors, a growing beats collective not to be slept on. He's also already cleared a new milestone for beatmakers in the Southeast by playing at Controllerise, an established, exciting beat session in Atlanta curated by STLNDRMS and MICxSIC.

Soulchoppa doesn't have the rarest samples or the dirtiest drums or the most popular co-sign. But he does appear to have that special something stirred into his beats that can stone a listener any time of day. 

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