Lo-Fi Sundays 058 - Mura Kami

Within the bounds of boom-bap beats, there’s so much that one can try. Producer Mura Kami likes to try it all. His beats run across a spectrum of styles, from familiar tape-delay fare to Brazilian-influenced bossa beats and phonk. It sounds as if he’s trying different production styles and finding his voice as a producer. His use of guitar samples is particularly impressive on songs like “Himawari”.

The producer hails from Morocco on the North African coast which straddles the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and is itself filled with influences from many different peoples and cultures. He’s been releasing music for under two years, but over 550,000 monthly listeners on Spotify attest to the appeal of his diverse instrumentals.

He’s self-released three strong beat tapes, his most recent being “As Folhas” which features delightful dancing key samples. Recently United Common Records released a Mura Kami single, “Motion”. This track highlights the producer’s raw potential. It’s a cohesive tune based on a simple two-note piano sample. A synthesizer beeps like a gentle alarm in, on top of swinging drums. If indeed he is finding his voice, he’s speaking confidently on the cut, which combines a handful of simple elements to create a powerful groove with magnetic emotional appeal.

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