Lo-Fi Sundays 038 - AywɛɛTիαSɛɛɗ

"We hereby declare ourselves to be another order of being...an astro nation of the united world of Outer Space." These words from the mystical jazz and thought pioneer Sun Ra are sampled in "Much Music More Peace", a beat suite from producer AywɛɛTիαSɛɛɗ (pronounced I-we the seed) aka Aywee. Music from Aywee could help form the soundtrack for this astro nation. The producer gathers pieces from the past of jazz, soul and hip-hop and collages them to create futuristic head-bopping beats. 

Aywee flexes all sorts of styles across a catalog of work that spans five years. His beats are distinguished by their tasteful integration of synthesizers and electronic motifs. Whether the music leans heavily on these motifs, like his mesmerizing Daydreams EP, or touches on them sparingly, like his Mirrors EP from Brunch Collect, they add a novel technologized texture to his tunes that is uncommon for most beatmakers.

He is fidelitous to his past, both musical and intellectual. His music references jazz legends like Charles Mingus, and Albert Ayler, and samples speech from leaders like the late Black Panthers icon Fred Hampton and the philosopher Cornel West. These elements, when couched in carefully selected notes, tones and timbres, create an esoteric mystique around the beatmaker's music. Sink deeply into it and you may be transported to other psychological realms. 

Aywee has a mighty workflow, having just released his twelfth beat tape, "Flyin' High". We've only included a pair here in this weekend's playlist, but they all to showcase a slightly different style each time. He's collaborated with talents like Ødyssee and EMERLD and contributed music to top-shelf labels like THA ReCoRdZ, Hip Dozer, and Kwaleeti. Ultimately Aywee is a creative soul whose music has the power to both entertain and enlighten listeners. 

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