Lo-Fi Sundays 034 - too ugly

The beatmaker too ugly aka toouglyboi is coming straight out of New York City, and you can hear it in his beats. He cuts clean samples and acapells from New York greats like Big LMobb Deep, and Method Manand splices them with spindly piano loops and dangling lo-fi drums. He executes this classic lo-fi formula perfectly, re-contextualizing hard-body rhymes into whimsical, relaxed, or melancholic loops and beats.

Too ugly just released his second beat tape titled All That Spinach. It's a great 20-minute spin. There's nothing on this tape or in ugly's entire catalog, really, that is unpleasant. Everything is smooth, particularly the back quarter of the tape. Smooth texture can be common to much lo-fi, of course, but ugly continues to elevate it as an art form. Tunes like "Kinfoe"and "How You Think" get the head bopping with their acapellas. This second track is one of two collaborations between too ugly and the beat farmer Dweeb. But too ugly's real gems are the pure instrumentals, utilizing maybe only four to eight bars of piano, like "Care Free" or "Mellow Taste". Too ugly releases music with the Texas-based label Always Proper and Dumb Nice, a burgeoning beat click that we've got our ears on. The crew's latest compilation The Nice Life features two tracks from him, including one collaboration with Lo-Fi Sundays favorite Fushou

It's only right that the home of hip-hop be represented in the beats community by a true talent like too ugly. Perhaps I've passed this man on the city streets once and didn't even know it. 

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