Lo-Fi Sundays 037 - OTESLA

Hailing all the way from Denmark, and continuing the trend of excellent European lo-fi, OTESLA comes correct with sly cuts and fully furnished beats. Their music especially excels in keeping a focal point, with each track typically revolving around some hypnotic rhythm or signature tone. With releases stretching back to a little over three years, OTESLA has released over 40 tracks and beat tapes showcasing their direct brand of head-nod hip-hop.

With no apparent fear of combining specifically synthetic tones in their compositions, OTESLA takes creative risks that serve to flourish particular passages and measures. The percussion and drum work throughout their discography is bright and emphatic, with the combination of organic samples and finger drummed turnarounds presenting a fresh interpretation on each sampled break. Melodious elements vary widely, with woodwind, acoustic, and digital tones being chosen on a whim to carry the main dialogue of the tracks. Overall, their style and flavor is a combination of melancholy scales, organic instrumental dialogue, and just the right cuts.

Having been featured on Chillhop Music’s 2018 Spring Essentials, we’re far from the only group with eyes on this unique beat smith. Given the outstanding quality of their discography, OTESLA is sure to be deep in the labs working on their next release, and all signs indicate that it will most definitely slap.

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