Lo-Fi Sundays 026 - parkbreezy

This weekend we're taking a slight detour from our usual path to showcase a more psychedelic side of beats with parkbreezy. That's the musical moniker of Parker Williams, a producer with an eclectic catalog who hails from Montclair, New Jersey and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. In a phrase, Parker produces lo-fi trip-hop, and the influences within his music range from rap and R&B to electric soul and downtempo. His ability to hybridize these styles is most evident on his new EP Ripple which dropped on 4/20/18.

All his beats ride low with sunken basslines and buttery smooth synth pads. The drums are generally smooth but impactful and coated in a thin layer of dust. The chops on"Chest Pains" are a great example of his attractive percussion. Parker has been producing for at least four years, and the progression of his music is atypical. Crawl back into his Soundcloud and one can find lo-fi house, traditional lo-fi hip hop chops and wobbly jazz electronica. There's some excellent re-fixes in the archives, too, including spins on Pretty Lights' "Finally Moving" and the Tom Misch tune "The Journey". Parker collaborates frequently with fellow Denver resident pheel., whose upcoming Lost in Thought EP featuring work from parkbreezy will drop right here via The Rust Music in May 2018. The first collaboration between these two, "thank you, Jeff", is a fine beat where a doodling keyboard and wandering flute socialize with vocal cuts over a pocket kick, snare and ride cymbal sequence. 

With diverse ingredients parkbreezy creates music that negates boundaries of genre while remaining faithful to the sonic aesthetic of lo-fi. He opens new spaces revealing the bright possibilities that arise from creatively crossing over between styles.

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