Time Resonance Music - Eclecta I

Eclecta I is the first compilation from Time Resonance Music, a label curated and created by Russian producer Slava Mindex. As its name suggests, it’s an eclectic mix that shifts between more laid-back tunes from artists such as SupertaskPrimate and 5AM to some heavier sounds from Hullabalo0 and Spirit Tech. But despite the variation in energy, there is a clean, deeply organic quality consistent throughout the compilation.

The 17-track project opens with a lush downtempo track from Dillard featuring sultry guitar riffs wandering through hazy pads and long-tailed, misty reverbs. From here the music moves through a multitude of micro-genres. Although how one chooses to label these genres is both up for interpretation and somewhat of a moot point, it can be helpful to throw tiny descriptions on to the music and see what sticks. “Downtempo” describes most of the tracks on Eclecta I, but this ranges from breakbeat to melodic IDM, to hip-hop.

This complexity sets Time Resonance apart from many labels, and a single track might traverse multiple genres. Take for example the collaboration between Mindex and Supertask, “Butterfly FX”. It floats seamlessly between sing-song melodies and alien sound design. Although arranged and harmonized much like a lullaby, the song unfolds to reveal a heavy, growling bass, twisting and unfurling itself beneath bells and tender flutes, oozing throughout the stereo space. The simple, sensual tastes of Supertask blend nicely with Mindex’s colorful and curious imagination, opening up a psychedelic space within the compilation that is a defining quality of the Time Resonance label. A surprisingly chill kLL sMTH tune follows suit with open, deceptively simple melodies steeped in bubbly sound design. The energy begins to escalate with 5AM’s sunny mid-tempo track “Multiplex”, leading into some heavier sounds to follow and be dispersed throughout the compilation. Mindex and Zenturion’s “CBD”, Spirit Tech’s “Astral Bodies” and especially Hullabalo0’s “Abeba” share the bulk of the heavier psy bass within the compilation.

From aqueous samples, to background vocals, to crunchy percussive textures, there is some element of nature and life to be found in each track on “Eclecta”. Although Mindex himself is probably best known for his mind-bending, spine-tingling neuro-bass sound design, this should not come as a surprise. The sounds alone do not create the powerful effect imparted on to the listener. It is the way in which the sounds interact with each other, the way in which he weaves them together, that bring them to life. When this occurs, a piece of music begins to speak its own language, one that we intuitively understand. This is emblematic of patterns and symbiotic relationships that occur throughout nature, and further defined by the literal sonic representations of natural elements such as grass, trees, water, and human voices present throughout this compilation.

Only through a deep love, fascination and dedication to the pure physics of sound and music can one truly tap into this language. Slava and his like-minded friends on this compilation speak this language fluently, and with Eclecta they’ve graciously invited us into their conversation.

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