Lo-Fi Sundays 014 - Folridomi

Floridomi is a consummate professional when it comes to the beats. Based in the home of hip-hop, the New York City producer's reverence for beats - their past, present and future - is abundantly clear. He releases work on Dust Era  and has participated in their “Selects” series, where the critical Las Vegas lo-fi label taps producers to curate some of their favorite selects. Domi’s contribution from January, 2016 included cuts from Madlib and J Dilla among dozens of others. Our floridomi selects highlight the producer’s diverse capabilities, from jazz and boom bap to the pure lo-fi grain and the slightly psychedelic. 

His Flowers tape showcases many styles, punctuated by braggadocio vocal samples and chuckling radio skits. There’s “Alpinia” which flips a Brazilian samba into a head-nodding boom-bap beat, “Etlingera” which weaves sultry piano samples through open space, and “Constantia” with rustic Spanish guitar samples. His ability to walk tall through different styles finds floridomi constantly collaborating. Included here is one cut with flavors, one with wūf, and an absolutely spellbinding beat with the magician borealism called “Pachinko” that was reworked by Danish producer iamalex on his track “Together”

“Rich palace” delivers an expected but healthy dosage of synth bass. “Spliff Politix” is a delightful, bouncing boom-bap ode to the cypher that takes us into the producer’s oddities tape. This hilarious and engaging tape highlights “the weirder side of my beats” according to domi. Tracks on this tape get so low-key and left-field that they’ll find you sinking into your couch with your head in the clouds. According to the producer there’s a “spiritual successor” to this tape in the works, so stay chooned for that. 

The low-key vibe keeps riding with “smoke signals” and “risky business” which offer supreme examples of the sauntering basslines that are a hallmark of floridomi’s sound. 

A number of his albums are available for purchase on Bandcamp or streaming on Spotify. Beats continue to flow regularly from his Soundcloud. The caliber of their production only continues to rise, and the attention to detail never slackens. If you enjoy beats, dig deep into floridomi. 

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