Lo-Fi Sundays 035 - [s.beats]

Coming out of Ploiesti, Romania, [s.beats] has stolen the spotlight for this installation of Lo-Fi Sundays. Coming up on a little less than two years releasing music, he has already managed shoot over 170 tracks out of the canon. Pushing out a massive catalog of music in that time frame is no simple task, especially given the depth of composition within each of his tunes. 

[s.beats] distinguishes himself in the world of lo-fi hip-hop through the fidelity of his chosen cuts. Eschewing the usual motif of overly-dusted percussion and gratuitous bit-crushing, he instead opts for drums that cut straight out of the speaker cones, followed by melancholy instrumental dialogue and rhythmic gymnastics. His philosophy on arrangement closely follows his choice of cadence, with consecutive musical phrases often expanding on the harmonics of his chosen scales. The calculated combination of Lo-fi tones with organic percussive timbres feeds a veritable life in his music, and [s.beats] never fails to capitalize on this aural dynamic.

If lo-fi hip-hop producers are now a dime a dozen, [s.beats] is no less than a silver dollar. His command of instrumental combinations and soulful arrangements put him amongst the those at the top of this particular musical chain. Go ahead and indulge the music of [s.beats] to you hearts’ content, as there is absolutely no shortage of tunes on his end. If the pattern holds true, we could be expecting a few dozen tracks over the course of the next several months.

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