Lo-Fi Sundays 006 - Leavv

Hip-hop may have its roots and strongest pull here in the United States, but its influence and cultivation can be heard from nearly every corner of the planet. Hailing from Germany, with little more information than that to go on, Leavv is a producer whose music must speak for itself; a salacious blend of ambient tones and minor modalities, served up piping hot to warm your bones as we enter the frigid end of Autumn.

Their most recent release, currents, is melancholy at its finest. The ethos of each track progressing through the album is unmistakable and universal. The fall air is crisp, with a notable bite on the end. The glass windows of storefronts shimmer by the light peaking out from a rushing torrent of pink, blue, and yellow clouds, colored by the chromatic brilliance of an early afternoon sunset. The hue of the choice samples and instrumental chords within each track float out and around the headspace, bringing about a sensual relaxation second to none. 

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