Lo-Fi Sundays 032 - Fushou.

Fushou. makes timeless beats. There's definitely trends in the lo-fi game, and there's nothing wrong with indulging them because they usually involve provocative sounds and versatile techniques. But fushou's beats rarely latch onto these trends. If you trace his catalog back to its beginning over two years ago, the beats then are consistent with the beats now. They've all got that organic and grainy texture and they really fill up the frequency spectrum. They're not exceptionally jazzy, or extremely lo-fi on that spacey, quasi-psychedelic tip. They're just pure hip-hop. 

The producer, whose real name is Tristan, hails from Arlington Texas and works with some righteous collectives, including Dumb Nice, a crew you definitely out to stay chooned to. Truly he's one the most skilled beatmakers out there right now. He's got all the right elements; strong composition, vocal and instrumental sampling of the highest caliber, cultivated taste in terms of sample choice, and a prolific and consistent workflow.

Many of his beats include extended vocal samples from classic rap tunes. He also works with contemporary rappers, as on "free.the.hold". He'a always collaborating, working with over a dozen other producers to date including Oxela, and too ugly. Certain popular acapellas are flipped by fushou. with supreme taste, like the verse from Nas"Shoutouts". Sometimes producers will use an isolated loop from a tune to build a track. Fushou. will have an isolated loop, two or four bars or whatever, but as the tune develops those four bars turn into eight or sixteen and a narrative begins to develop instead of just one isolated bop. Peep this on the first half of his Mathematics EP, which includes some of the dopest instrumentals we've heard in a while.

At the end of the day fushou. beats have that "it factor", that special vibe. The samples just ensnare your mind and the drums turn cartwheels. He drops tunes consistently  so follow his channels and your bound to encounter consistent fire. Further, 12 full EPs an LPs are available on his Bandcamp to keep you bopping for days. 

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