K.L.O. - X EP & Y EP

K.L.O. slaps. It’s as simple as that. They've only been producing music together for a few years, but when they get in the lab together they wreak havoc, and destruction is imminent. Each contributing producer has an eclectic catalogue and a stylistic range to be reckoned with. Where the three of them overlap is K.L.O. - an outrageous, festering filth-ridden locomotive barreling through unchartered glitch hop territory.  An audio mean mug, every damn time. Throw it on and look at the faces around you. Never a dull moment with KursaLone Drum & Osmetic.

And it doesn’t stop there… These cats don’t only put asses in seats, they get ‘em gyrating too. These beats take control and get them limbs on linguine while synapses samba in that dome of yours.

Just over a year after their debut release as a trio, Acid Scratch, the gang delivers yet again, with not one, but two EPs: X YWhat’s interesting about these projects (outside of their earth-shattering sound design, succinct sampling, and toothsome grooves), is that they’re going to be released simultaneously on two labels - SLUG WIFE & Colony Productions, respectively.

SLUG WIFE is a newly launched label headed by Kursa and Seppa (the featured artist on the EP released on his label, “X”). There hasn’t been much released through SLUG WIFE just yet, but the first three releases have been of a superb caliber. The artists featured on the label are adepts of UK Glitch Hop, a niché genre that has shown exponential growth and backing in the US over the past year. “X” is right at home at SLUG WIFE with its rambunctious energy and Hip-Hop influence. There’s a certain attitude that comes with Hip Hop culture, and “X” manages to channel that properly, while also using samples only as a compliment, not a focus. Adding Seppa along for the ride also brings a gooey, wretched discharge of chunky slime to the table. You can actually hear the tar pits of repulsiveness bubbling in “Throw a Wobbla.” The sample is exceedingly on point, as I don’t think anyone could have been prepared for a hefty helping of K.L.O - let alone a full plate of seconds… which brings us to “Y.”

“Y” is set to release on Colony - the brainchild of one Mike Wallis, aka Osmetic, and has been consistently releasing quality music for over 15 years. It’s only right that these three would be right at home on Colony. “Y” takes a slightly different approach to the K.L.O. sound by highlighting the more low-key aspects of the group’s style. Now, don’t get me wrong, “Y” is still bangin’ in every sense of the word - the beats knock and the energy is still palpable. The instantly recognizable difference between “X” and “Y” is the magnitude of viciousness. “Y” has a chiller, more laid-back vibe and beckons for knee-swinging and hip swaying reminiscent of the Drunken Master’s Zui Quan styles. Don’t mistake the cool, calm and collected demeanor for a lack of temperament - the nefarious triumvirate still tears it up on “Y,” but the auditory onslaught is slightly more strategic and calculated. Lone Drum's scratching is also given a bit more space to shine. Where “X” provides listeners with an excellent collection of high energy neckbreakers, “Y” breathes new life into the sonic realm of head nod. Both EPs showcase the group’s prowess in innovative sound design and the chemistry is undeniable. 

Keep your ears open for an upcoming US tour with both K.L.O. & Seppa, and make sure to check them out at Tipper’s 4321 Event August 17-21 at Astral Valley in French Village, MO

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- Wyler