Mindex - Eclipsed EP

The Eclipsed EP is the latest addition to the robust catalog of superb psychedelic electronic music from Russian-born producer Mindex. It's dedicated to August 21, 2017,  the date of last year's total solar eclipse. This day had a tremendously profound impact on so many souls, especially those in the music community. "It felt like a new world after that day," said one individual who attended the Tipper & Friends 4321 Gathering in Astral Valley, Missouri. There Mindex offered what fans say was perhaps his most memorable performance to date. With the Eclipsed EP, Slava Mindex releases some of the most memorable moments from that set; may they wash listeners with waves of grounding nostalgia.

For two years, Extended Plays from Mindex have usually been rooted in their own dedicated musical motif, whether that's jazz on Jazzmentalfour-on-the-floor on Opal Sensesor uptempo glitch on The Flavor. This latest effort steps away from that pattern. "DNA Dance" and "Arousal" could be characterized as downtempo, and the remaining three tracks as uptempo, but the lines are blurry. As a package, the release leans toward sacred bass more than prior composition from Mindex, but stylistically it's truly all over the map. Classification is ultimately not meaningful. It's just worth noting that Slava is diving into the depths of his own creativity with Eclipsed than he has before, which is saying a great deal considering the diversity of his available catalog.

The title track features a tumbling boulder of sub-bass that slogs at a depressed pace through rinsed out glitches. Hypnosis is induced through ethereal pads and brief melodic interludes from chimes written with great intent, only to be interrupted when the boulder splits and liquid magma spills across the stereo spread. According to Slava, "Evolution" is his "soundtrack for the process of the evolution of life forms on the planet Earth." He sets the stage with an aqueous primordial soundscape. Deep, atavistic tones enter the frame, and percussion follows thereafter. Airy melodies collide with grounding bass synthesizers in a ceaseless churning whirlpool that rips and pulls along its edges. Resolution never arrives, evoking the truth that the process of evolution has by no means reached its conclusion. The process could also be called a "DNA Dance" of sorts. To conclude the EP, this small ambient journey puts the mind at peace and provokes all sorts of anthropological ideations. 

This EP was at first exclusively available from the visionary artist collective Threyda as part of its first ever combined offering of music and art . One can purchase the EP by itself , or pair it with an entrancing, high-quality matte print (one of only 30) of the album cover by artist Ben Ridgeway. The first 20 prints are even signed by Ben and Slava. Considering the endearing mark Slava continues to make on the world and this community, this rare piece of merch will indeed become a treasure. The same can be said for the music. Eclipsed is an incendiary addition to the Mindex catalog and a sonic totem for those seeking to cherish the totality of August 21, 2017, and any other collective conscious memories they may associate with these vibrations. 

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