Lo-Fi Sundays 019 - Kuranes

Europe is a consistent hub for lo-fi music. The next stop on the global map of producers takes us to Italy and the beat-server Kuranes. His compositions scatter in many musical directions, but always maintain the familiar thematic timbre of low-fidelity production. “MΔRS” is an expedition through extraplanetary synthesis and persistent, complimentary percussion. “~” is a classic hip-hop progression, with detuned piano lines waning in the background to hold the mood. “Ex oblivione” takes on a jazzy flair, gracefully developing around cascading melodies and disembodied hymns. “lord of sleep” creeps its way from start to finish with melancholy, dissonant chords and scales, riding a constant headnod that bounces on thick, muffled snares.

Only having popped up in the last 2 years, Kuranes has released an impressive amount of music. He has nine official releases to his name between ep’s, albums, and beattapes not to mention singles, his latest a collaboration with saiko. His most recent work, “Ukiyo”, was pressed onto  30 limited vinyl records alongside the standard digital distribution. Standard logic dictates that a close eye should be kept on such a weaver of rhythms. His talents are fresh and finely tuned, so there's sure to be even tastier beats to come in the near future.

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