Lo-Fi Sundays 021 - Dweeb

Dweeb beats have all the smooth and sweet flavors one could obtain after a run to the local convenient store. Spindly piano loops and pocket drum patterns are his bread and butter. He delicately manipulates these essential lo-fi hip hop elements, and generates such a wide variety of material from their interaction. In between the kick thuds and snare pops, dusty tones stretch out and create a soft pillow for the mind to rest and vibe upon. 

This accomplished "beet farmer" splits his time between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His clever nickname, evoking a yeoman harvesting his yield, accurately reflects the consistency in Dweeb's catalog. Down at the beat farmer's market, one can reliably assume whatever Dweeb is offering, it's a high-caliber bump. Some of his tunes are whimsical and fun, others are aloof and reflective, most are named after food. His wide body of work includes a raft of singles and collaborations, at least three beat tapes, and a juicy cut on Kush Gong Vinyl's recent Bits 2 compilation. Projects like his "Cream Soda" beat tape and his Neapolitan singles, or cuts like "Caramel" and "Tootsie" from his Treats tape are as indulgent as their names would imply. Dweeb also popped up on the STZZZY Youtube feed just this week with his frequent collaborator of comparable talents, too ugly. If you relish the relaxation that comes from a smooth, jazzy instrumental, stay chooned in to Dweeb the beet farmer. 

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