Mettakin - Oneironautic

Freshly minted through Street RitualMettakin just dropped off the latest entheogenic pressure cooker: It’s gritty in the basslines, squishy in the midrange, and melty in the melodies and harmonies. Pulsing with complimentary frequencies and accompanied by a deliberate haphazard regard for conventional music theory, Oneironautic is the next benchmark in overtly particular sound design.

The EP is a juiced-up beat smoothie, begging to be sipped and slurped by anyone who feels the need to rearrange their sensory perception and attitude about the current direction of broken beat music. Every composition is a glitch fondue, with textures and musical turnarounds spilling over the edge of a hardy core comprised entirely of an almost mischievous understanding and use of rhythm and arrangement in conventional songwriting. Currently available for download on Street Ritual’s website, be sure to donate some dollars & cents and grab a copy of Oneironautic to breathe some fresh air into your head-holes. If you like what you hear and want to fill your ears with a simulacrum of bass-tasters, you can subscribe to Street Ritual’s catalog for 5$ a month, which will provide access to all currently released material, as well as all future releases.

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