Neurons Vol. 1: Scatz - Illgamesh [Single]

Considered one of mankind's earliest great stories, the Epic of Gilgamesh is a 4,000-year old Mesopotamian tale of an archetypal hero king. Thus the sonic storyteller Scatz is bold to parlay this piece of history into the name of his newest tune,  "Illgamesh", the fourth track from Elemental Minded Promotions' thick 11-part compilation Neurons Vol. 1. New cuts from the compilation will continue to drop on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout November. 

The absence of traditional song structure is fundamental to Scatz music. This may give one the impression that the music is another misdirected mess of bass mayhem. On the contrary, by avoiding traditional song patterns Scatz accesses a more fluid form of compostion, creating one-of-a-kind movements - stories - that hold listeners at attention. "I’ve always been passionate about the magical craft and power of storytelling," Scatz tells us. His real name is Mitch Bilodeau, and in addition to producing he co-founded the vital left-field bass platform WUMP Collective with his brother Ronny from their home base in Connecticut. 

 "Illgamesh" darts in all directions. The mythical Mesopotamian king flashes back and forth, felling the Great Cedar with powerful kick drums, slaying the Bull of Heaven with broad and sharp synthesizers, and seeking eternal life with immortal melodies. Chopped samples from Mitch's own voice - "I will live another day" - are manipulated into mere vocal blips, glitching with guitar samples to producing a disorienting effect. The drums are smashing, with a particularly thorough kick. There's a grab-bag of glitches throughout the song, but Scatz maintains space in the mix, generating a laid-back atmosphere during intervals between pounding, somewhat purple bass. "The “ill-” in the title was my attempt to humorously transport the idea of this old figure of lore into the interweb-driven, meme-centric, modern society that we call home," Mitch says. "I like to think @illgamesh would be his Twitter handle if he were around today." 

Ultimately "Illgamesh" is an unconventional take on a sound - bass music -which is, well, unconventional in itself. The tracks adds special flavor to the already dynamic Neurons Vol. 1. Stay chooned to The Rust throughout November as we highlight more choice cuts from the compilation (full tracklist below).

1. Pluto Era - Nautilus
2. tsimba & Smigonaut - Headspace
3. Maxfield - Little Death In The Morning Sun
4. Scatz - Illgamesh
5. iX - Desert Form
6. Jizzy Fra - Sensi Star Dub
7. Face Plant - French Press
8. Phydra - Particle Board
9. Keota - Wook Flu
10. DeeZ - Juice ft. Frequency Fodder
11. Zoo Logic - Void

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