Zonra - Formed

Take a pure and undiluted dive into sonic psychedelia with Formed, a five-track EP from Zonra, a veteran of experimental bass music. Although abstract electronica has always been a calling card for Jackson Hale (Zonra), he continues to test the limits of his creative faculties, and Formed is the splendid result.

Formed is detail-oriented electronic music. Crisp programmed percussion pairs well with resonant hand drum samples. Provocative sound design is arranged into complex structures resembling a four-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The producer, who hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently resides in Denver, Colorado, is recognized for his stylistic flexibility. Although Formed leverages psydub motifs, the release cannot easily be pegged with a traditional classification. Rather, it’s an exercise in experimentation.

Formed ultimately represents an unfolding, a manifestation on the physical plane of imagery conceived on the spiritual. The complexity of the imagery means that successive listens may yield new results. Spend time with Formed and one will realize that things may not be in the end as they seem at first.