Wax Future - Source Code [Premiere]

After several years of non-stop touring, sonic developments, and various releases, Wax Future is set to unleash the robust eight-track EP Source Code. Born out of the waning electronic hip-hop movement, they are one of a few select acts within the genre that has been able to distinguish themselves through their soul-drenched beats. Having transcended the pitfalls of copy-paste arrangement, lazy mixdowns, and constant sample recycling, they avoid the musical stagnation of similar electro-soul producers around them. As a result, Wax Future is heavy on the minds and thick on the taste buds for fans throughout the US.

The EP is a matured, dialed-in interpretation of a sound Wax Future has been gradually developing throughout their releases. Taking on multiple emotive outputs, Source Code stretches between a funk extravaganza and a serenade of synthesis. As always, their choice of tempo and rhythm was born in the pocket, and forever remains in the pocket. Broken beat compositions are the lifeblood of Wax Future, and they consequently hone in on the rhythmic space available with all instruments and tones at their disposal.

Unleashing the EP's title track seven days shy of the full release, “Source Code” is entirely indicative of their musically affluent roots. Opening up with faded pads and complementary harmonies, the tones are saturated just enough to give them an organic pulse. Vocal cuts and choice synthesis meander into one another throughout the track, partaking in the fractured arrangement dance that is a tried and true staple of all glitch music. The guitar lines and harmonic layering fill out the rest of the frequency spectrum, covering everything above around 1000hz in a six-string shimmer. From start to finish, the song is a microcosm of its namesake album; a meticulous composition that stirs emotional output right from the very first note.

With one week away until the full release of Source Code, eager ears are patiently awaiting a full serving of waxy musings. After a summer spent blasting across the US festival circuit, and with this brand new bag of tunes coming hot off the press, it can be assumed that an Autumn tour is right around the corner. If you happen to make your way into the next Wax Future performance, be sure to safely secure your jaw in place, lest you leave it on the floor in the aftermath.

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