Lo-Fi Sundays 047 - Dwyer

Dwyer possesses versatility that is hard to come by. While all of his work is steeped heavily in hip-hop, you can hear influences being drawn from garage, trip-hop, breakbeat, folk and a wide range of old world styles. Half of his catalogue is comprised of dusty crackling soundscapes, while the other half encompasses chiller boom-bap tracks, including some tasteful remixes of older hip-hop songs. His use of samples provides layers of character & imagery, all while giving his productions a quality of antiquity that is unparalleled.  

Dwyer stays under the radar, and has been busy releasing “dwy-fi” independently on his Bandcamp for the past three years from his home in the United Kingdom. Recently, his tracks have been featured on compilations for TreeHôuse and SVNSET WAVES, and he contributed an absolute thrill ride of mix for Radio Juicy. In addition to producing, he also creates sleek mixed media collages that are used as album art for releases of his own music and others. In April 2018, he released a sample pack entitled “Textural Lo-Fi Hip-Hop” filled with organic samples in the same lane as his own releases. He seemingly makes a conscious effort to expand outward while moving in fast-forward.

His tunes are crisp and unique, and possess style and an innate ability to make your mind wander. “Depths” is a rare collaboration with Borealism that puts you in a time & place that’s hard to put your finger on, and plays like a soundtrack for a voyage. “Boulevard” begins with a pulsing a breakbeat fit for a South London club scene, and drops right into soft percussion layered with jazzy piano & saxophone more suited for a garden party. “Aventador” is a flawless mix of new hip-hop with obscure late ‘70s pop that hits in all the right places. “Money” & “Ey ma” are honorable nods to Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Camron that offer a remarkable twist on tracks that provide palpable nostalgia. You don’t have to dig far to find a track that truly speaks to your tastes.  

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