Lo-Fi Sundays 087 - Hip Chimp

Fusing lo-fi textures and a plethora of downbeat genres, Hip Chimp channels lucid compositions and smooth, cerebral beats. Hailing from Blackpool in the United Kingdom, Hip Chimp is the hip-hop centric project of John Yates. As a multifaceted instrumentalist and producer, Yates has dug his hands through a wide variety of musical styles, and his Hip Chimp catalog reflects an appreciation for numerous attitudes and atmospheres.

From the jump, the unmistakable jazz influence is abundant throughout much of the Hip Chimp discography. He’s got a strong focus on cadence throughout his musical phrasing, and it comes as no surprise given his extensive instrumentalist background. In leu of the usual sample-heavy direction of most lo-fi productions, the songwriting and instrumentation across most of his music is uniquely recorded for each track. Perhaps as a result of this, he takes lo-fi concepts and sonic staples into a lush variety of territories, from r&b to deep house, hip-hop to trap, and jazz to blues. Flip over any rock under Yates’ purview, and you’re bound to find fresh beats and conscious cuts.

The sheer quantity of styles and directions across Hip Chimp’s releases is matched by the quality of his productions. His instrumental prowess allows him to touch many nooks of the total sonic palette, and in turn allows him to curate a unique listening experience throughout the whole of his catalog. For fans of virtually any taste under the sun, Hip Chimp is sure to have something remarkably well-suited to your needs and wants.

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