Lo-Fi Sundays 077 - Telemakus

Telemakus is a 19-year old producer from the Bay Area who is skilled beyond his years on the piano and in the digital audio workspace. His first productions appear to come from three or four years ago, and his most recent work came earlier this year; Calantha Vol. 2, the second of his two LPs. On this record from Inner Ocean Records, you can hear Telemakus truly indulging his jazz sensibilities.

He packs an obscene amount of groove into his tunes, with experimental riffs and jazz chords dancing over slappy drums. He’s infatuated with cosmic themes and astronomical imagery, much of which he channels through his productions; This music is great for drifting off to space in your mind. As his career has progressed, his willingness to lean into his piano talents has increased. His phrasing has become more experimental and overtly jazz-influenced, as he’s moved slightly aware from the pure sample-based. For the fullest display of his music, definitely check out the Calantha series.

And for more on the producer himself, check out Bandcamp’s feature on Telemakus. If you like dwelling in the intersection between jazz and hip-hop, keep you eyes and ears on this artist. Within that intersection, he’s surely an ascendant talent.

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