Lo-Fi Sundays 067 - Flavors

For boom-bap beats with the right touch of lo-fi aesthetic, tune in to the hard-knock sound of Connecticut-based beatmaker Flavors. With a deep catalog and a consistently slamming style, his music is perfect for hours spent studying, strolling or daydreaming. One will be satisfied drifting away with his beats as background, or digging into them to focus on their careful curves and layered sonic details.

He collaborated with a long list of talented beatmakers including soho, BLVK, chief, and floridomi. He has a particularly close relationship with this last producer, floridomi. They’ve performed together in Boston before, and their excellent collaborations, which fill this weekend’s playlist, informally take on the awesome “flavordomi” moniker. Flavors works with lo-fi motifs, but his production more often than not falls into the boom-bap bucket, and, here, his percussion hits harder than most. He’s able to crank the compression to 11 on kick and snare combinations that nearly blow out the speakers and compel your body to bump back and forth.

Because it’s just that good, his tune “empower” is included twice in our curated playlist; once on it’s own, and once at the beginning of his latest album “summit”, which was released just a few days ago and is available to purchase on Bandcamp. If you’d like to learn more about the producer, check out his interview with Pastry Beats, a Boston-based beats collective, which is coupled with a killer guest mix.

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