Lo-Fi Sundays 063 - upper class

If you aren’t familiar with Germany’s well-rounded sonic culture, you’d be forgiven for overlooking their abundance of stellar Lo-Fi producers and rhythm junkies. This week, we’re giving the spotlight to one such germanic beat shuffler; upper class is a straightforward, no frills producer with beats that send the head rocking back and forth between the roaring 20s, the R&B/Hip-Hop laden 90s, and the spice of modern sampling power.

There’s a distinct spread to upper class’s repertoire of various stylings and flavors; blistered trap rhythms, boom-bap slappers, a few tasty 4x4 dust-kickers, and a handful of savory tunes that exude a palpable weirdness in its best form. He flips samples like hotcakes on Sundays and dishes out a groovy, space-aged anthems that feel like an ode to hip-hop from some far off civilization. Prominent throughout his discography is a bevy of juicy bass lines, eschewing the typical sub rumble of his contemporaries, and instead utilizing mid-range tones sauntering in syncopated rhythms.

In 2018, upper class combined forces with nalim. to form the DIY label and collective CASSETTE NOIRE, focused specifically around the cultivation of beats music. With over 3 years of nonstop releases under his belt, as well as the aforementioned label initiative, upper class is clearly poised to continue pushing out content in no time at all. Keep your ears pealed on this fine-tuned player of the Lo-Fi, or miss out on the guaranteed freshness it is sure to project.

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