Lo-Fi Sundays 042 - Sup Nasa

There is no denying that Space is a vibe, and Sup Nasa taps into that vibe to bring about some incredibly serene and well-intentioned music. Slinging beats from way out on the Italian peninsula, Sup Nasa is a member of the industrious NINETOFIVE record label, and sits right at home with a curated team of rhythm junkies and lo-fi bandits.

Speaking of rhythm, this lobrau cosmonaught has a knack for spinning the wheels of a good drum line into all sorts of musical roundabouts. The fibrous blend of sampled percussion loops in conjunction with quintessential finger drumming creating a balance between the organic and the synthetic. His extraction of samples is on par with the extraction of rare earth elements; constantly digging through the source song, chipping away at the surrounding frequencies, and bringing back to the surface prime cuts that are begging to be flipped inside out. With tempos ranging from sloth to rabbit, Sup Nasa doesn't like to sit in any one rhythmic pocket for too long, and his discography reflects this.

Hip-hop and space exploration often have more to do with one another than people first realize, and Sup Nasa is the official spokesperson for the lo-fi mission to Mars. Pounding away at intergalactic beats seems to be somewhat of a specialty for this Mediterranean muse. With a label like NINETOFIVE backing his productions, it can be safely assumed that we haven't heard nearly the last of his musical output.

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