Lo-Fi Sundays 068 - Arthur_Clark

Breaking the beat straight out of Sevastopol, Crimea, Arthur_Clark weaves and sews melody and rhythm with a keen ear for the golden moments hidden away in his choice of samples. Channeling the notation and compositional vibe of traditional lo-fi flavors, he falls somewhere amongst the ambiguous lines of beats music, with elements of trip-hop and jazz overtures making their way to the surface of each mix. From breezy afternoons to moonlit nights, all manner of aesthetic and emotion is present in his discography.

By allowing so much color to shine through his sampled material, Arthur_Clark separates himself from the pack; the bright textures and the slow drenching of stereo space reinforces the strength of his arrangements. Crafty filters and spectral sweeping push and pull at his melodies, with slight EQ changes happening consecutively throughout the duration of his tracks. Not content to let the audio rest, the palette of his music is expanded exponentially through even the smallest bit of modulation. Through his clever homogenization of ingredients, Arthur_Clark is just as much a gourmet chef as he is a gourmet beat machine.

Going back as far as seven years, the catalog of Arthur_Clark covers a vast array of hip-hop territory, and no matter where one chooses to dive in, only auditory gold awaits. With virtually no fanfare and a fairly consistent output, he is a gem waiting to be uncovered by the multitude of ears hovering around the lo-fi world. Take this afternoon to familiarize yourself with our latest friend from the eastern hemisphere.

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