Lo-Fi Sundays 039 - tech flips

Coming out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, beats producer tech flips has just got it like that. Digging through his dense catalog that spans the past two years, one soon realizes that the producer makes nothing but zoned out hip hop instrumentals that cut close to the grain. 

The producer, whose name is Sonny Diggs, also helps to manage Mindbent Records, established in 2012, with Kagami of France and Ivory Crook of Denmark.  One of Mindbent's most recent releases is the scratching and thumping Momentum album from tech flips himself. Both with Mindbent and as an individual producer, tech flips appears to stay focused on the elemental aspects of beat making. His presentation and marketing is not ostentatious, and he's certainly not following any trends. He's flipping samples, splicing together cracking drum arrangements and makin' em bounce. 

The producer's name hints at what he's about. Frequently his tunes are rudimentary flips of classic hip hop, jazz and soul music. That's not to say they're easy to create or easy to forget, just that they're more like flips and less like compositions. This is, after all, close to the original method for making hip hop. Tech flips has put out two EPs recently, Precise Cuts and Stratusfeels, both of which are impressive and a bit more experimental than his singles. If you bump Precise Cuts in this week's curated playlist, notice the sample lampooning a woman who believes that sampling artists "like Van Halen" is "wrong" and "plagiarism". Get bent, says this producer. 

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