Lo-Fi Sundays 028 - DeKobe

Beats music doesn't always come in a rusty, low fidelity package and this weekend's highlighted producer DeKobe demonstrates it. Spread out across eight full LPs and EPs, his beats are clean and polished from the percussion to the sample chops to the presentation. He focuses keenly on these rudimentary elements and cultivates them to their utmost. By following this path, he does great justice to the legacies of Polish producer Blazo and the late Japanese legend Nujabes, two artists whom he takes great inspiration from, as evidenced by his social media content. 

The producer's real name is Julian Saavedra. Of Filipino heritage, he hails from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a city adjacent to Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Beats music is of course a global phenomenon, but damn do a ton of great beatmakers come from Canada. There is a wealth of jazz material in his catalog. He makes slight forays into synthesizer work, but usually to give a light, glowing touch to traditional combinations of percussion, bass and samples. Within the open spaces of his most zoned-out beats, the vibes tread into the shallows of trip hop.

DeKobe's never released a beat tape or a single, opting always for the EP/LP format. Such faithfulness to that format which is becoming unique in DeKobe's line of work. His most recent EP, Interlude, was released just last week on May 8, 2018. When he dropped this, DeKobe alluded to a forthcoming project through the Jazz Hop Cafe. As even any casual lo-fi youtuber knows, the Jazz Hop Cafe does not play around; they're one of the finest platforms in the world for this music. By the same token, when it comes to straight up jazz hop, DeKobe's beats are at the top of the pile even on the global scale. However and whenever this project manifests itself, it's sure to be extremely potent. DeKobe presents only the most cultivated vibes, and will surely keep doing so into the future, so stay chooned. 

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